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Industries in Chittorgarh (Minerals, Marble Machineries)

Published on Tuesday, February 13, 2018 by

Sitaram Mineral Suppliers Pvt. Ltd., Chittorgarh

Sitaram Mineral Suppliers are manufacturer of China Clay Powder which is used in the production of rubber, soap, detergent, paint and paper coating. Company was establish in 1998 and having around 200 employees.

     Sitaram Mineral Suppliers,
     Shambhupura, Chittorgarh - 312613 (Rajasthan) - India

Contact Person:
     Mr. Harish Maheshwari (Marketing Manager)

     91 - 01472 - 220841, 91 - 9892632013

Popular Minerals, Sawa, Chittorgarh

Popular Minerals

Popular Minerals are manufacturer of high quality white china clay, bauxite, red ochre, high alumina clay, levigated china clay, for cement, ceramic, paints manufacture and as filler, additive in various applications.

     Popular Minerals,
     Khwaja Bagh, Sawa, Chittorgarh - 312 613 (Rajasthan) - India

Contact Person:
     Mr. J. A. Khan (Marketing Manager)

     91-9314110068, 91-01472-309407

Website: (Click on the link below)

B.M. Industries, Chittorgarh

B.M. Industries was establish in 1984. The Company is manufacturer of Marble Machinery, Multi Blade Gangsaw, Block Dressing Machine, Gantry Crane, EOT Crane, Heavy Mech. Spare Parts, Hydraulic Cylinder Shaft & Hardchrome Plating Works.

The Promoter of this comapany has rich experience in this field and he is working in this field from 1977. He has received gold medal in Marble machinery Operation. The company has Experience in mechanical field from 1967 and experience in marble field from 1977.

     B.M. Industries,
     47, Old Industrial Area, By Pass Road, Chittorgarh - 312001 (Rajasthan) India

Contact Person:
     Mr. Sandeep Maheshwari

     91 - 1472 - 242669, 240493

     91 - 1472 - 242669

Website: (Click on the link below)

Goel Veterinary Pharma, Chittorgarh

Goel Veterinary Pharma are among the pioneer of homoeopathy in Veterinary since 1977. They are first to introduce homoeopathy in veterinary with the excellence of 25 year's fild trials of clinical veterinary problems.

Goel Vet Pharma's manufactuing plant is situated at nagarpalika Industrial area in Chittorgarh city.

     Goel Vet Pharma,
     42 C, Pratap Nagar, Chittorgarh - 312001 (Rajasthan) India

Contact Person:
     Dr. Sushma Goel

     91 - 1472 - 240635, 243375, 91 - 9414109388

Website: (Click on the link below)

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